Today, the TEMCO team wants to explain to you, how to create an RRC-20 wallet from

You may be wondering, “Why do I need an RRC-20 wallet?”

Well, just to give you a heads up, RRC-20 is the newest form of token type in the blockchain space and it is required for many things, such as receiving TEMCO tokens after the crowdsale starting in Deccember.

So, please read along the instructions and find out “how to create an RRC-20 wallet” for your safety, convenience, and to receive TEMCO tokens that will be distributed after the crowdsale.

To create a new RRC-20 wallet or any wallet from, you would need to proceed as follows by clicking on the “Don’t have a wallet?” button.

By clicking “Don’t have a wallet?” button, will bring you to the page below:

Click on the “Download the MyCrypto Desktop App” button to proceed. When you click on the button, it will open up a new window, same as the image below.

Either you can click on the “Download Now” button for the Windows operating system or click on one of the operating systems that are listed in the middle. The browser will start downloading the installation file.

Once the file is finished downloading, click on the file to install.

After installation, MyCrypto Application will pop-up and show you preliminary information.

After going through all the pop-up information and clicked “Next” throughout, the main page of the application will show up.

On the main page, please click on “Change Network”.

When you click on “Change Network” there is an option, “Show Other Networks” on the left navigation bar.

As you go through the selection, Please find and choose “RSK”.

Once you have chosen “RSK” for the “Network”, click on “Generate a Wallet”.

After you click on “Generate a Wallet,” the application will show you 2 options for the security. “Generate a Keystore File” and “Generate a Mnemonic Phrase”.

When you click on “Generate a Mnemonic Phrase”, it will randomly generate a combination of “12 words”. Please save/store these words safely somewhere or write them down.

Once you’ve done that, click on “Confirm Phrase”.

After you have clicked on “Confirm Phrase”, the application will show the phrases (words) in a different order. Please click on the words in order of how you have seen them earlier, to pass the simple security check.

After that, please click “Confirm Phrase” button again to proceed.

You can click on “Go to Account” to continue.

When you click on “Go to Account”, it will bring you to the initial screen. As it is explained before, you can click on “Mnemonic Phrase” which was the option you’ve chosen to secure your wallet.

Once you click on “Mnemonic Phrase”, it will bring you to a page where you can enter the previous words that you have confirmed when you were creating your wallet.

You can click on one of the public wallet addresses currently on RSK mainnet.

Once you’ve chosen the wallet address that you want to use, and “unlocked” the wallet, you are all set to send RBTC to TEMCO and receive TEMCO token of your purchase.

Thank you very much for being fans of TEMCO!

We hope to see many of you participating in our crowdsale in December!

We’ll be back with more announcements and news!

TEMCO: Supply Chain Management Powered by Blockchain

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Blockchain-based Supply Chain Data Management and E-commerce Open Market Platform, GUHADA.

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Blockchain-based Supply Chain Data Management and E-commerce Open Market Platform, GUHADA.