TEMCO’s blockchain luxury curation platform ‘GUHADA’ has closed 4.5 billion KRW worth of Series A investment, led by Korean Investment Partners, Korea Growth Investment Corp. and POSCO Capital as financial investors (FI), and joined by GS Home Shopping as strategic investor (SI). This deal is rare for a Series A investment deal as a startup has secured both financial and strategic investments at the same time.

Currently alliancing with numerous major luxury suppliers in Europe, TEMCO provides real-time access of global product data using its own enterprise-level blockchain solution and commerce integration technology. …

A blockchain based supply chain platform and commerce developer TEMCO has won an order for GS Home Shopping’s “BLINK”.

The bidding for this project was of a competitive nature against many domestic and overseas blockchain logistics developers, and the deal was signed with TEMCO last month. This project will utilize TEMCO’s blockchain based logistics technologies and apply them to a Klaytn blockchain developed by Ground X, the blockchain technology affiliate of Kakao. (One of Korea’s largest IT giants)

This project will first start with apples: every bit of processing data from selection to distribution will be recorded on the blockchain…

TEMCO, blockchain service provider announced on the 28th that it will increase user convenience by integrating blockchain wallet in GUHADA.

On the 21st, TEMCO launched a real asset based blockchain Gifticon service using the digital card, ‘Klip’ developed by Ground X, a blockchain affiliate of Kakao. TEMCO team plans to link TEMCO directly to GUHADA to increase the user convenience of storing and exchanging the NFT Gifticons.

According to the plan, the NFT Gifticon transfer and TEMCO payment features will be implemented in GUHADA. …

[BLOG] Cointelegraph features TEMCO’s NFT Giftcon

Dear TEMCO community,

TEMCO launched the ‘NFT Gifticon’ feature in GUHADA that gives unique value to real assets. GUHADA users can easily and securely send luxury product Gifticons as gifts through the Klip wallet linked to KakaoTalk.

The main reason NFT is getting attention is the scarcity of the ‘only one’. There is only one NFT unlike other digital assets such as utility tokens that are issued hundreds of millions of units at a time or securities tokens that have the characteristics of securities by dividing one asset into several. …

TEMCO has launched a non-replaceable token (NFT) based Gifticon service on a blockchain based luxury e-commerce platform, ‘GUHADA’.

When a customer purchases a product through GUHADA’s ‘Gift’ menu, GUHADA provides a NFT Gifticon to KakaoTalk’s Klip wallet. This NFT Gifticon can be exchanged with a real merchandise by redeem request.

When the receiver wishes to exchange Gifticon for a real merchandise at GUHADA, TEMCO is required for a service fee for exchange services. TEMCO tokens can be purchased on digital asset exchanges or users can purchase TEMCO vouchers from GUHADA.

Dear TEMCO community,

We are back with another GUHADA update this week.

We like to share TEMCO’s development status on a weekly basis and business status on a monthly basis with the goal of continuous and transparent project.

Weekly report of TEMCO Development Status

TEMCO team has conducted a total of 11 development updates every week since its launch on October 23 to stabilize GUHADA project. And the program stabilization and improvement is 5,353 cases as of now.

Improvements have been made in Android, iOS App, mobile web, Seller Admin, Settlement Admin, server, and blockchain. …


Dear TEMCO community,

As TEMCO onboards Klaytn Mainnet, TEMCO token swap (ERC-20 to KCT) is now available from Bittrex Global exchange. This will allow to swap ERC-20 based TEMCO tokens to Klaytn’s KCT based TEMCO tokens.


  • One ERC-20 TEMCO token swap to One KCT TEMCO token (1:1 ratio)
  • There is no change to total number of TEMCO token issued or token economics and development roadmap


  • Supported exchange: Bittrex Global exchange
  • Object: ERC-20 based TEMCO token only
  • TEMCO deposit/withdrawal freeze start: Nov 13th (Wed) 3PM PST / Nov 14th (Thu) 8AM Korean Time
  • TEMCO Token swap date: 2019…

Dear TEMCO community,

As TEMCO onboards the Klaytn mainnet, TEMCO token migration has scheduled in Coinone.

Current ERC-20 TEMCO tokens will be converted to KCT TEMCO tokens on Klaytn mainnet to expand TEMCO’s blockchain ecosystem and for the mass adoption using Klaytn’s user base.

There will be no change to total number of TEMCO tokens issued, token economics and the current roadmap.


  • One ERC-20 TEMCO token swap to One KCT TEMCO token (1:1 ratio)
  • Coinone exchange will support TEMCO token swap
  • There is no change to total number of TEMCO token issued, token economics and development roadmap


  • Coinone…

As anticipated that 2019 will be the year of discriminating blockchain gems from pebbles, blockchain is undergoing commercialization in various fields.

The fashion industry is no exception. The fashion industry has also begun discovering the possibilities of blockchain and using the technology.

Sharing transparent information through blockchain.

The information that consumers can know when purchasing clothes is very limited in material information and washing methods. Therefore, it is very hard for the consumers to know the detailed manufacturing process of the clothes. However, using blockchain technology can transparently disclose the exact manufacturing process of the clothes.

In 2017, Martine Jarlgaard…

Dear TEMCO community,

We are back with another GUHADA update this week.

We hope that you are already familiar with the GUHADA project since there has been many updates about the GUHADA platform in our social media channels.

So, the GUHADA platform is coming up for its launch fairly soon, and now we have set up the server construct/setting/development.

The GUHADA platform has been developed with microservice architecture as it can be seen in the image below.

“A microservices architecture consists of a collection of small, autonomous services. Each service is self-contained and should implement a single business capability.” …


Blockchain-based Supply Chain Data Management and E-commerce Open Market Platform.

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