We like to remind TEMCO community that since May, KLAYswap has added TEMCO-KLAY pair. Through the TEMCO-KLAY pair, users can trade TEMCO tokens within KLAYswap without going through the central exchange. TEMCO participates in KLAYswap to strengthen its DeFi support with participation in KSP governance.

When liquidity is provided to the TEMCO-KLAY pool, participants can receive KSP as compensation in accordance with the pool policy.

Symbol: TEMCO
Listing Pair: TEMCO/KLAY

Thank you for your support.

TEMCO team.

GUHADA and GS Retail has started the collaboration of development of B-LINK, a TEMCO blockchain-based supply cahin management platform.

Based on the know-how and experience through blockchain based Sanjiae project applied to GS Home Shopping’s apple, we plan to develop a commercialized system that allows more companies to utilize supply chain data and operate them in the form of SaaS.

Media link (KO) : https://www.datanews.co.kr/news/article.html?no=115325

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TEMCO team.

Dear TEMCO community.

We have updated TEMCO’s roadmap until 2022 4Q. Please check Xangle link below to see for our roadmap.

Link : https://xangle.io/project/TEMCO/recent-disclosure/60fa7ba4c0c0d3d38a071332

2021 3Q

- Enterprise Level Blockchain-based QC platform (B-link) planning, design (BRD, Mock-up etc)

2021 4Q

- B-link data lake and architecture (API, IoT etc)

- Token Matrix Application, Blockchain API development

2022 1Q

- B-link Framework, Admin UI and Workflow Chart (API, UI etc)

- Bitcoin Payment System Embedded on GUHADA

2022 2Q

- B-Link Marketing Tool (API etc)

- Platform On-Boarding

2022 3Q

- QA Test after Platform On-Boarding

- Alpha Version of B-Link Launching

2022 4Q

- Beta Version of B-Link Launching

Thank you for your support!


On July 21st, 2021, TEMCO’s supply chain management system and e-commerce service provider GUHADA completed the final registration for their patent on ‘Method and system for product promotion in a blockchain based e-commerce shopping mall’, which was filed on May 7th, 2019.

This patent is about technology related to conducting personalized promotions to consumers based on product information and purchase history recorded in blockchain.

For reference, GUHADA has applied for a total of 7 blockchain technology-related patents so far, and a total of 3 cases have been registered.

Xangle Link : https://xangle.io/project/TEMCO/recent-disclosure/610799d8a50fd04c8f4c9ac4

Thank you for supporting TEMCO!

We announced through TEMCO KakaoTalk Channel to start AMA from last month.

However, we decided to receive community questions through Google Doc for a smooth and fair process.
Community members can ask one question per person, and the question will be forwarded to the TEMCO team for internal review.
This month’s AMA will be collected through Google Docs until 6 PM on this Sunday (10th), and questions will be reviewed for a week.

AMA Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfBsJ3wP8P8Y8K4rhzMbLo4EECHB30YsPUsi90nRaDrHBZwKw/viewform

Thank you for your support.


A blockchain based supply chain platform and commerce developer TEMCO has won an order for GS Home Shopping’s “BLINK”.

The bidding for this project was of a competitive nature against many domestic and overseas blockchain logistics developers, and the deal was signed with TEMCO last month. This project will utilize…


Blockchain-based Supply Chain Data Management and E-commerce Open Market Platform.

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